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Marketing Strategy & Market Opportunity Analysis

  Data Decision Making

  Internal Data Review from CRM

  Call Tracking

  Reputation Management

…and more to determine market opportunity for increased market share, revenue, and results.

Media Buying – Traditional & Digital Media

Media buying is less about spots, clicks and impressions and all about results, sales, market share, and tangible quantifiable results. If you have to ask if your marketing is working – it probably isn’t!

Eighteen years in media buying experience as one of the largest ad agencies in the Central Valley. Specializing in Hispanic marketing, multi cultural initiatives with marketing in over a dozen languages, and customized unique media placement strategies going beyond spot placement and sponsorships.

Digital media partnerships and beta programs with the industry’s leading platforms driving maximum results at the most efficient CPM/CPP in the market. Providing transparent, net spend reporting allowing clients to see every penny spent is key to maximizing effectiveness of buys with efficiencies of spend.

Foot traffic reporting, matched sales to digital campaigns, and real time metrics are at the foundation of what drives digital marketing decisions.

Graphic Design and AI Creative

Our design team is second to none. Specializing in advanced integrations inclusive of AI technology, our team is constantly advancing their abilities to develop effective ad campaigns that drive the highest conversions in the digital landscape.

Branding remains the foundation and core of what brands represent, while the ads that the brand pushes create the conversions that drive sales and results that grow the brand in market.

Content Strategy – Public Relations

Whether it’s content on your website, your Google Business Profile, or your social media pages, what you are saying reflects your brand daily and gives consumers the power to create positive (or negative) word of mouth marketing about your brand. Content is King. Having the right associations, representations, endorsements, sponsorships, and overall brand identity is key to an effective marketing strategy and brand long term.

Our team leverages market research, competitive data, consumer insights and more important than anything else – your brand identity, to capture that essence and create and manage your company’s image through content.

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