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Mendez has evolved beyond traditional advertising, recognizing that effective marketing hinges on understanding consumers, targeting, and data-driven decision-making. It’s about agility, adapting campaigns in real-time for maximum impact. By focusing on the consumer rather than the product, we drive conversions and revenue.

Breanna, a Central California native and California State University Fresno graduate, began her career at Mendez as a project coordinator. Over five years, she developed a passion for creative ideation and delivering measurable results for clients. After a hiatus to start a family, Breanna returned to Mendez as a project manager, excelling in creative development and digital strategies. She now serves as a senior project manager, overseeing all client projects with a focus on process development, execution, and team accountability, while cherishing time with her family, especially her daughter Joy.

Favorite Movies

Two Weeks Notice

Gone Girl

Favorite Shows

Good Girls



Favorite Songs

Momma’s Song –  Carrie Underwood

Madness –  Muse

anything by Bruno Mars

Favorite Food



Favorite Candy

Red Tootsie Pops

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