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Sara brings a rich background in marketing and management, emphasizing vision, creativity, execution, and accountability. Her methodology relies on data-driven strategies, analyzing market trends, consumer behavior, and competition to craft comprehensive marketing plans. She aims to seamlessly integrate brands into consumer lifestyles, digital interactions, and networks to drive conversions and tangible results.

At Mendez Media Marketing, Sara prioritizes product differentiation, creative storytelling, and targeted digital outreach. Her expertise in identifying receptive consumer segments reflects years of experience across diverse industries, including Hispanic initiatives and digital solutions. From media roles to founding her agency, Sara’s journey highlights her commitment to innovation and adaptability in navigating changing market dynamics.

Sara began her marketing career after earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and Management, followed by studies abroad in England. With experience at NBC affiliate and Univision Television Group, she founded Mendez Media Marketing, Inc. Sara later obtained an MBA in Global Business, focusing on bi-cultural brand development. Her consultancy spans diverse sectors, including non-profit, casino, automotive, retail, healthcare, and service industries, with a specialization in Hispanic initiatives and digital solutions. Sara transitioned into digital media in 2013, founding a digital media agency. She currently teaches at Fresno Pacific University and shares expertise at national trade shows on data conversions, marketing analytics, and expanding market reach.

Favorite Movies

Couples Retreat

Devil Wears Prada

The Blind Side

Favorite Shows

Sex and the City



Favorite Songs

St. Elmo’s Fire

Living on a Prayer

Keep Me in the Moment

Favorite Food



Favorite Candy

York Peppermint Patties

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